Q&A With Jack

Q&A With Jack



I saw a young man shadowboxing a few months ago. He was new to the Ring Of Hope program then. In regard to boxing, he’ll be new for the next ten years, as was I… the fighters before me. I eyed the same student the next day, shadowboxing, aggressive. The following week he was still in the gym, shadowboxing, aggressive, faster than before. I asked one of the club staff about the new kid, starting with his name. She said, “Jack, he’s fourteen, works hard, hasn’t missed a day, shadowboxes quietly after class, I think he means business.”

Jack, he's fourteen, works hard, hasn't missed a day, shadowboxes quietly after class, I think he means business.

Jack has his first official Amateur bout this month, November 23rd. If you’re reading this, please put him in your thoughts and prayers as it takes strength beyond imagination to walk up those steps and climb between the ropes. Let’s applaud Jack for walking the walk. Remember, boxing is the only sport you don’t play.

– Zachary Wohlman, Ring of Hope Director

Jack Jordan Cumings

Age: 14

Division: Bantamweight (122lbs)

From: Sacramento, Ca

How do you feel about your first fight?

I feel more excited than nervous, I can’t wait to get in the ring and perform what I’ve been working on the past two months.

You’ve been in the ring before?

Yea, lots of sloppy wild sparring when I was in Sacramento but a I never had an opportunity to learn boxing like I do now.

How long you been here (Texas), how is it?

I moved to Texas 4 months ago and the plan was to get back into boxing and stay out of trouble. This is my freshman year of high school. I grew up having to learn some life lessons the hard way and I don’t want the hand I was dealt to define me.

What kind of trouble were you getting into?

Street fights, hanging out with the wrong crowd, grades going downhill, being disrespectful to my parents, and not taking care of myself.

How did you find out about Ring of Hope?

Looked it up in Cali, did some homework on the internet and it caught my attention. I liked that it was a nonprofit and a ministry also. It looked like ROH really wanted to help kids out beyond just boxing.

When you got to ROH what did you see?

I saw that it was not just a boxing gym but a place a connect with people and make a community of my own out here in Texas.

In the past the two months has that happened?

Yea, I met good people that opened my eyes to what needed to happen if I wanted to fulfill my own dreams. I have my head in the books at school and my grades are all passing. I’ve made huge improvements in this first semester and I realize that education will give me opportunity. I’m hanging with a crowd that supports me being a better me. My schedule is school, gym, homework sleep, and I get some meals in between. I’ve got a much bigger sense of purpose; beyond poor grades and video games.

At 14, what do you want for your future?

To be the best boxer I can be. I want to be professional Boxer and help this community. And of course, my family.

Dream big: What does your future look like?

I want to give back to my family and keep us together and healthy. I want to earn a crack at a world a title shot, not just to be champ but to really make an impact on world.

Very cool. You’ve been in a boxing gym before, what’s the difference at ROH?

It has people who are about it, not for their ego so they can say they trained me before or when I become a champ. They want to help my character which only has helped me become a better boxer. It’s also a lot different from other gyms because it made me realize that just being a gym rat isn’t enough, I wanna show my community and prove to myself what I can do under the lights. There’s a lot more to life than boxing but boxing will teach you one way or the other- your character is everything, God is watching, and the ring doesn’t lie.

What’s the one thing you’re focused on leading up to your first official fight?

Leaving no stone unturned, even when it comes to my runs and putting in the work when no one’s watching. No more cheating myself.

Speaking of character, what work are you working on internally?

Putting in work to let my community see me. God will be with me for the results. I like this one quote “God can move mountains… but here’s a shovel.”

What do you want show most November 23rd?

I want to show that I’m not just some punk street fighter but that I’m tactical and to do a job which on that day… is to be a boxer. The results will come from that.

Closing thoughts?

Yea, I wanna get a good night’s rest because I’ve got 2 miles of roadwork in the morning.

Thanks Jack, good luck.

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