Spreading Positive Vibes

Spreading Positive Vibes



“So it all started when I was 11 years old and my dad told me “Son do you want to go to a boxing place called Ring of Hope Boxing” and I said sure why not! Because first of all that main reason I went was to get in better shape and because I was bored but yeah. Then it was my first day there kinda enjoyed it but was really sore so I didn’t really wanna go anymore but my dad pushed me to go which I thank him soo much! Because if he didn’t push me I would be sitting around and just playing Fortnite but now when I go there its a really awesome time and a really cool environment to be in and its really fun to see all my friends and coaches but there not even my friends or coaches, THERE FAMILY and thats why I love Ring of Hope Boxing” – Noah

its really fun to see all my friends and coaches but there not even my friends or coaches, THERE FAMILY and thats why I love Ring of Hope Boxing


“Noah began boxing at Ring of Hope in 2018. Initially he wasn’t sure that the boxing life was for him at all. Noah’s growth as a young man has grown exponentially. He has developed an incredible work ethic and began to excel in school by improving failing grades to all As and Bs. He has also spread positive vibes throughout his circle of influence by encouraging others to excel and work hard!

He is inspiring others to work hard and pursue their passion. He has developed into an incredible sparring partner and genuinely cares for his peers to improve.

I can honestly say this program has dramatically influenced my son’s life in an incredibly awesome  way.” – Noahs Father

“I feel Noah has found his passion within boxing, not only in the sport itself but his ability to lead and the smiles he puts on the many faces along the way.

It’s been such a pleasure witnessing your amount of growth these past few months. Your happiness radiates through Ring Of Hope, and your Father is beyond proud of the young man you’re becoming. Thank you for guiding Sylas along the way as well, it shows your compassion for helping others, and means so much to him.

My prayer for you is that the Lord continue to protect and guide you, and to use you as an inspiration to others.

There’s only up from here son, don’t let anyone dim your light, stay focused, continue on the straight and narrow.” – Family Friend

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    • Anna Glouftsis Vitacca
      Posted at 20:52h, 10 June

      Noah’s story is just beautiful! I feel that the spirit of your program elicits a sense of belonging, positive change and human development. Bringing the best out of young people, helping them to realize their potential. These qualities are so important in life. ROH you are amazing! The world needs more of you! ✨❤️✨

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